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Ostani post! Temat: [SPRZEDAM] Winston Boron. Autor: ryba7. Czas 2020-06-04 20:04:06.

poprzednia wiadomosc Historia blanku Winston IM6. : : nadesłane przez trouts master (postów: 6349) dnia 2020-05-22 15:30:20 z *.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl
  Na pewno wielu zaciekawi ten temat. I Winston, i Loomis. Żeby nie było że Loomis jest/był beee.

Late 1973-1974-Winston San Fran “ERA” rods (Leonard Blanks) Pre-Fisher (San Francisco era) graphite
blanks were gray colored with green rod wrappings and yellow stripping on the butt section, which were
furnished to Winston by H. L. Leonard (Central Valley, NY). These were **** and brittle and broke easily-not
many left around…they fixed this need by moving to Fisher blanks.

Late 1974-1975 Winston San Fran pre-IM6- standard graphite rods (Fisher blanks)- # 0- roughly #1600 -GOLD
trophy cup logo on rod- this is when they introduced the first “green” pre-IM6 graphite rods, which were
produced by J. Kennedy Fisher and furnished to Winston until late 1987-1988

1976-1987 Winston Montana pre-IM6-standard graphite rods (Fisher blanks)- #1600- roughly #12,000
(#11,9XX)- GOLD Trophy cup-roughly #1600-#1900…..SILVER trophy cup logo on rod (#1900 started 1981
production) this is when the standard pre-IM6 trophy cup rods were made in Montana

1987-1988/89 Winston early IM6 w/Trophy cup logo (Loomis blanks) #12,000- roughly #15,000 (#14,7XX) –
both IM6 and Trophy cup logo on rod- Next, Winston introduced rods made from the IM6 graphite composite,
which were produced by G. Loomis until Winston began “rolling” their own blanks in late 1994. During the first
Loomis IM6 production, they still labeled the rods with both IM6 and the Trophy cup- trying to win customers
with new technology and please the old customers not wanting to lose their trophy cup status.

1989-1994/95 Winston IM6 (Loomis blanks) roughly #15,000 –roughly #43,500- IM6 on the rod- were all
Loomis made blanks. All rods inscribed as IM6 beginning with serial # of approx 43500 were actually made at
Winston and not at Loomis….however, the first 1200-1500 rods after #43,500 were from Loomis’s remaining
Winston material and resins, then after that from the new WT graphite composite (just another almost identical
blend of IM6 w/ same exact tapers (Winston Purchased Loomis’s equipment and all remaining material to start
making their own), but then added their own “new” resin after that stock was depleated ) and came off
Winston’s production line in early 1995 and beyond. Winston’s lifetime warranty also began with serial #43500.
Winston did not change the “IM6″ moniker on the rods until 2001 when they officially introduced the new WT
product line name.

1995-2001 Winston IM6 (own blanks) roughly #43,500- +/- #80,000 - IM6 on the rod- while producing rods
from their new “house rolled” WT graphite composite, Winston also produced rods from the remaining
inventory of random weight Loomis IM6 blanks left over that they had in stock. Because of this, some Loomis
made blanks of various model configurations can be found with serial numbers as late as # 75,000 or even
higher in more obscure sizes- many of these, to avoid confusion and know which blank was used for any
warranty issues later, weren’t labeled at all (they had no IM6 and no WT on the rod-just the length and weight) I
actually have one of these in a 7’ 2wt-3pc.

2001+ Winston WT (own blanks) roughly Serial #80,000 + WT on the rod."

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